GEISTER – Fragment (2019) xl & open space

TanzNRW festival opening  (xl): 08th May 2019, 8pm, Schauspiel Köln, Depot 2.

Tanz NRW Viersen (open space): 11th + 12th May 2019, 8pm, Festhalle Viersen

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MEDO/ANGST (2019) work in progress

Showing at Festival Vivadança 2019 in Salvador, Brazil.

25. April 2019, 8pm + 26. April 2019, 7pm, Centro Cultural Plataforma

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MEDO/ANGST (2019) premiere

german premiere in the framework of Sommerblut Festivals 2019, Schauspiel Köln – Außenspielstätte Offenbachplatz.

09th June 2019, 8pm / followed by an audience talk

further date: 10th June 2019, 8pm

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MEDO/ANGST (2019) Summerschool

A summerschool in cooperation with and organized by Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf. Cooperative practices, artistic experiments, transcultural exchange, interdisciplinary discourse.

12th June to 05th July 2019

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MEDO/ANGST (2019) Open Space

An open space version in the framework of asphalt Festival 2019, Alte Farbwerke Düsseldorf, Halle 29

11th July 2019, 10pm

further dates: 13th July 2019, 10pm

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In Progress

  • Summerschool: MEDO/ANGST

    12th june to 05th july


  • Volker Demuth

    FLESH. Why we depend on it and why we decay away from it

  • T

  • Ben about Arena Artica

  • “To me, it is about an experience. An experience beyond words and descriptions. The silence of images. On a very small, even a personal scale…“

  • Periph
    ere Por

    & Mir

  • “Answering the contemporaneousness of the world with presence. Empathetically, ephemerally and energetically. But how present can an idea be? How tangible can a moment be? How constant can a fleeting experience be? …“

  • Interview
    >>> BFM 89.9

  • Portrait


  • Live
    Wroclaw 2016