Auf der Suche nach dem neuen Miteinander

jun 2021

“Riepe’s choreographic interest is devoted to the existential topic of our life in the Anthropocene and our opportunities to (better) organise our future. This comprises both our cohabitation as a human community as well as our individual existence as part of our surrounding environment and all the creatures, units, elements, and organisms participating in and of it. Within his intricately choreographed productions, akin to a collage, he combines fragments from dance and movement, but also installations, plants, animals, light, fog, objects, digital and musical elements, as well as research and science. He ties all this in a quest for a new community, through his interdisciplinarian and collaborative work method.”

“Ben J. Riepe presently ranks among the most in-demand choreographers and dance performance artists on the international stage. This is, on the one hand, due to his work, positioned between performing and visual arts, bearing extraordinary currency in its content, while he, on the other hand, conceives surreal, atmospheric images instead of following a linear descriptive structure, and those images suggestively – and lastingly – unfold their enormous impact.”

“[Riepe] opens the gaze unto new horizons. His choreographic research aims for a future in community, for cooperation and affiliation, following the logic that everything relates with everything else.”

Ann-Katrin Günzel, KUNSTFORUM International, Vol. 275 „UTOPIA“