Workshop: „What about the Body?”

By Viktor Ruban (Choreographer, Kiev/Ukraine) & Ben J. Riepe (Choreographer, Düsseldorf/Germany)
tanzhaus nrw – within the framework of SYNERGIZE! Conference by NRW KULTURsekretariat

12 nov 2019

Two choreographers, two countries, two different experiences, working-structures, environments and one live-meeting on-stage: In “What about the Body?” Ukrainian choreographer Viktor Ruban and German choreographer Ben J. Riepe, who have only ever met in person once, but have been in contact ever since, will thematically focus on our perception is formed by digitalized communication, especially in times of growing global networks.

Within the context of choreography as expanded practice they will discuss the impact and the differences of physical and digital presence in words and movement. The workshop aims to observe if we ever keep “dis-bodied” and “device-d” when we meet in real-time and how embodiment and physical presence changes our communication. Thus, the workshop will move along the questions: Do we need any practices to help us re-choreograph when connecting to a person in a live context, situation or space in real-time? And of course: Does it matter, especially in the field of arts and culture and its international exchange?

In order to share and define together with the participants on how to deal with the “digital” impact of presence, absence and communication, Viktor Ruban and Ben J. Riepe will not only launch a workshop-discussion departing from the question “What about the Body”, but will also share some specific tools and exercises from dance and somatic practices out of their different backgrounds which they find helpful to reintegrate body and mind.

No dancing background required.

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