Sainte Réalité - the movie

coming in 2022

How may we reach a different understanding of our own position in nature, how may we situate ourselves as an equal part among the many? How can an awareness of a new “Earth residentship” be raised, bringing us into another accord with Earth and nature? The overarching topic in the Sainte Réalité research and production series, slated to be produced in three parts, by Ben J. Riepe and team is an examination of the role of humans in the Anthropocene, caught in the tensions between the pandemic and the climate crisis, forcing ourselves to submit to a questioning, even a painful one, of our role in this man-made epoch, and to develop healing visions for the future with the means provided by the arts. The Sainte Réalité film traces the research process in documentary and poetic images that strongly query the dichotomy of nature and culture visually, when, amongst other things, they accompany the experience of somatic practice as in the yogic body cleansing of “Krias”, the staging of corporeal-guttural performance elements in the midst of the baroque Castle Benrath, or as scenes are being shot in the eclectic splendour of Stadthalle Wuppertal.