FREIRAUM digital // Digital Agora

coming in 2022

Since 2020, the Ben J. Riepe team has been working on the idea of a “FREIRAUM digital” as a virtual counterpart to the analog FREIRAUM and was also supported by the IMPULSE Academy in its initial conceptual considerations. In may we announce that our new FREIRAUM website, after many months of concept work and implementation, went online. As of now, please find all FREIRAUM-related information at – not only concerning opening times and offerings, but also on the FREIRAUM working areas in the local community as well as on the international and digital levels as well as the connected projects. In addition to a new, more comprehensive website for the model project FREIRAUM, which is funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund, a “Digital Agora” is to be created as the core content of the website in 2022. The Digital Agora will serve as a virtual meeting, working and exchange place that enables collaborations on a digital level. The “Digital Agora” project is also supported by the RECONNECT funding program at the federal level.

Archival Practice for Artists

For the moment, our website’s “Archive” area remains under construction still; and it will put artists in the position to archive and/ or publicly release and share their preliminary results, sketches, or conceptions from the ephemeral arts ad lib. In order to achieve this goal, we worked together with nota e.V. as a first step and learned about process-oriented forms of archiving. Founded in 2018, the interdisciplinary research group notanarchive, a collaboration between the independent theater scene, computer science, and restoration science, is currently conducting research in the collaborative project “Archive of Encounters” with the documenta archiv. In this year’s network and structure project notanet, funded by the Fond Darstellende Künste, nota is growing as a social, technical and aesthetic digital rehearsal space.
In the FREIRAUM Salon, on Wednesday, 18.5. on ‘Archival Practice for Artists’, we have invited Paula Löffler and Birk Schindler from nota e.V. to a discursive dinner in the FREIRAUM.

For the “Digital Agora”, the Ben J. Riepe team is in close exchange with digital experts as well as the artist Hannah Noh, who will artistically design the virtual meeting space. The “Digital Agora” project is also supported by the RECONNECT funding program at the federal level. The idea for an Agora as a virtual collaboration platform arose against the backdrop of the two major crises of our time – the pandemic and the climate crisis – which require all of us, both acutely and in the long term, to restructure our work processes in a sustainable way. For two years, the Ben J. Riepe Company has been studying in depth the technical possibilities and feasibilities of artistic processes in virtual space and has realized digital art projects itself. This new expertise and the associated network of video and sound designers, technicians, media artists, programmers and coders as well as institutional partners with a focus on the digital arts are incorporated into the implementation of the “Digital Agora” as well as the entire website of the “FREIRAUM digital”.

Supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, which is funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative.